Software Testing in Today’s IT Enterprise is What Business Value Demands!!

Software testing has emerged into the spotlight from its ‘White & Black box’ roots to More than just Testing to become end to end “Enterprise Quality Control”, assuring customer satisfaction.

Today's, insightful IT departments understand that software testing is one the key services for customer satisfaction and its reputation. Meticulous software testing has therefore become increasingly important in providing reassurance of trustworthy quality, high speed with precision and security for business critical applications. Shivcon brings you the best breed of services from diversified experience and industry frameworks.

  • Establish an optimized and repeatable testing process
  • Experienced in mobile, games domain as well
  • Hybrid and controlled jump start kits "Accelerators"
  • Improving time to market, by implementing early test automation
  • Leverage industry best practices for software testing
  • Off-shore, near-shore, On-shore testing
  • Rich experience in bespoke as well as product testing specially into Banking & Insurance domain.
  • TAAS model "Test As A Service"
  • Testing across Industry Verticals with specific frameworks and accelerators.